The Development Of Olympic Education Programs: Towards Olympic Games


  • Hilla Davidov Köln University (Germany)


Olympic education, Olympism, Olympic values, Olympic Games, OVEP, Olympic Movement


According to Pierre de Coubertin, the modern Olympic Games (OG) should be more than just an event that takes place every four years. Coubertin’s view has a very strong significance, especially in light of the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 OG following the corona crisis, and maximum attention should be given to the existence of Coubertin’s legacy by viewing sport as a way of life, not only as a 17-day OG celebration, but in building a structural sports component into children’s education. The OG have the potential of being a platform for dealing with serious problems in society, and issues on a daily agenda. The Olympic Education Programs needs to respond to these events in order to preserve the Olympic spirit of the Games, and to promote the ideals, values, and the working principles. This study gives an overview of the Olympic education programs development, and aim to find a way of implementing Olympic education programme, as well as keeping Olympism a live every day during the year. The mission is to implement an Integral, and global education program in the world, and raising the awareness of this philosophy as a way of life.






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