The Perception of Olympic Agenda 2020 Recommendations of College Student Athletes in Taiwan: A Cross-sectional Study on the Implementation of the Agenda in 2021


  • Yi- Jen YANG National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Department of Physical Education
  • Chia-Chi CHENG Tokyo University of Science, Institute of Arts and Sciences


Olympic Agenda 2020, Olympic Agenda 2020 5, Olympic Education, Student Athletes


This study is to carry out a survey through purposive sampling to understand how college student athletes in Taiwan who had at least participated in one sports event at a national level think about the Olympic Agenda 2020 after its implementation period. A total of 528 questionnaires were given out with 446 valid ones collected. The data were then analyzed through the methods of descriptive analysis, paired sample t-test, Pearson correlation analysis and importance-performance analysis (IPA).

This study found that five years after the adoption of the Agenda, athletes still value and follow the recommendations. It is crucial that the government sector and related sports associations should also take this into account. Consequently, it proved that the recommendations were developing in a positive direction. When applying IPA, none of the recommendations was in the second quadrant. This finding contrasted with the outcome in 2018 when many of the recommendations were located in quadrant B. Overall, this study demonstrated that some significant progress was made in how athletes perceive the strategic roadmap, and that the efforts made by the government sector and relevant authorities were successful.






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