30 minutes physical activity a day! Daily Sustainable Health Olympics to combat sedentary behaviour


  • Philippine RUFFIN Cétaps, University of Rouen
  • Olivier SIROST Cétaps, University of Rouen
  • Bernard ANDRIEU I3SP, University Paris Cité


Bio-political bodily self-control, Paris 2024, Move 30 minutes a day, Sports and health


The major national concern of Paris 2024: “Move for 30 minutes every day!” This is an up-to-date reflection of the sports & health political construct.

A veritable mishmash of the confusion among elected representatives and their wide-ranging actions: 30 minutes of daily PA at primary school; two additional hours of sport per week at secondary school; reform of the Sports Pass; reconciliation of body and mind; encouragement of the practice to least active audiences; support funds from the Agence Nationale du Sport.

The lexical articulation of sports & health is unique in the world and provides a political lens for redefining sport, as demonstrated in March 2023 by the INJEP surveys and the growth of sport on prescription to combat the sedentary lifestyle.






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