The knowledge of Lebanese physical education teachers on Olympism and the Olympic Values


  • Christian Saleh Hajj Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour and Antonine University


Olympism, Olympic Values, Olympic Education, Physical Education, Lebanese PE teachers


This research was conducted as part of a master’s degree thesis, with the aim to understand the knowledge of the Lebanese physical education teachers on Olympism and the Olympic Values. This qualitative research used an interpretive humanistic theoretical framework. The data was gathered through semi-structured interviews. The findings showed that the participants in their university studies have acquired general knowledge about the Ancient Olympic Games and the revival of the modern Olympic Games. However, very few heard of the term Olympism and were unable to define it or know what it embodies. This article suggests the establishment of an Olympism Education Curriculum and recommends the Lebanese Olympic Academy and the Lebanese Olympic Committee to collaborate with institutes and universities in order to implement this curriculum in the future.






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