A path to the compassionate leadership in the context of Olympism


  • Sarah Abi Raad Saint- Joseph University of Beirut and Superior Institute of Pedagogy-Faculty of Education-Catholic Institute of Paris


Compassionate leadership, passionate leadership, leadership from behind, Olympism, Education


When compassionate leadership and Olympism meet; the athlete’s path to personal and professional excellence becomes filled with interpersonal challenges. In order for the athlete to revisit the foundations of the Olympic values, he will have to go through three levels of leadership in order to incorporate them in a harmonious way. However, the path to a sporting life that consists in promoting performance only and in distinguishing oneself from others leads to a dead end: even more excellence produces loneliness and consists in no longer recognizing oneself in the recognition of others. How will the evolutions of leadership from passionate leadership, to compassionate leadership and then to the leading from behind allow the athlete to aim for excellence and succeed without loosing his entourage?






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