Building a sustainable Olympic Values-themed legacy from London to Tokyo... and on to Paris


  • Derek Peaple Park House School


Olympism, values, International, schools, education, legacy, teaching, learning, thematic, partnerships


The purpose of this paper is twofold. Firstly, to describe how a UK state secondary school has used Olympism and the Olympic and Paralympic Values - as specifically expressed in the London 2012 Get Set education programme - to shape its culture, develop thematic approaches to teaching and learning, enhance students’ personal development and leadership skills and establish a range of themed international learning partnerships. And secondly, to explore the related intent to build a sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Values-themed legacy programme stretching from London 2012 through to Tokyo 2020 and then on to Paris 2024. The latter is designed to link schools in an international network inspired by the vision of De Coubertin and Olympism, as now defined in the Olympic Charter. In doing so, it additionally hopes to share how this experience may help to shape preparations for schools engaging with the educational opportunities arising from hosting the Games.






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